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2023 OKTabl Extra Life Event – Prize Winners and Sponsors

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Congratulations to everyone who walked away with a prize! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and our players, we managed to raise over $3,300 for the BC Children’s Hospital! It’s not too late to help raise that total – donations of any amount are appreciated! (Donations of $50 or more under Hilton will earn a $20 CAD credit to’s Etsy store, which will soon have a larger inventory of stuff to choose from).

Prize Winner List

Official winners of all of the ticket raffle, 50/50, and play-to-win draws are listed below.

Literally dozens more items were given away during the event with hourly giveaways just for being there, random challenges, and more, with dozens of prizes like passes and gift cards to Meeples & Milkshakes Board Game Cafe in Penticton and Twice the Dice Board Game Cafe in Kelowna, locally-made vodka and beer from our sponsors listed below, board games, BC-made Adventure Dice sets, and lots more!

50/50 Prize Winner

  • The $101.00 Jackpot went to Mike B!

Ticket Raffle Draw Winners, in no particular order

  • 3-Month Adventure Dice Subscription – Andre F.
  • Inside Up Games: EARTH – Ryan V.
  • Coast Capri Hotel “Superior Room” Gift Certificate – Kelsy W.
  • Leder Games: FORT plus Cats + Dogs expansion – Erica K.
  • FLUSTER Complete Combo Pack – Kyle C.
  • Unstable Games: Tic Tac K.O.: Cute vs Evil – Jennifer S.
  • Unstable Games: Tic Tac K.O.: Cute vs Evil – Kirk W.
  • Kettle River Brewing Co. Prize Pack – Mike B.
  • Inside Up Games: Gorus Maximus – Frank S.
  • Inside Up Games: Gorus Maximus – Mike B.
  • Unstable Games: Here to Slay – Andre F.
  • Unstable Games: Here to Slay – Ryan V.
  • Cloudfall Studios: Captain’s Gambit: Kings of Infinite Space – Mike B.
  • $50 Gift Certificate to Broken Token – Jennifer S.
  • $50 Gift Certificate to The Old Timey Typist – Ryan V.
  • Twice the Dice Month Pass – Eric P.
  • Twice the Dice Month Pass – Mike B.

Play-To-Win Draw Winners

We had many games available to open and play – anyone who did was entered into a draw to win it! Some made a point to try EVERY game and had a blast doing it!

Unfortunately, shipping mishaps and short timelines meant that many great local publishers’ games weren’t included, but we’ll be breaking them out and giving them away at future (smaller!) events!

  • Outset Media: Dr. Who: Keys to the TARDIS – Michael H.
  • Outset Media: 5-Minute Mystery – Andre F.
  • Leder Games: AHOY – Jean-Paul S.
  • Exploding Kittens: Throw Throw Avocado – Damon C.
  • Brotherwise Games: Night of the Ninja – Verena
  • Brotherwise Games: Overboss – Jennifer S.
  • Unstable Games: Here to Slay – Jeff C.
  • Unstable Games: Tic Tac K.O.: Cute vs Evil – Kirk W.
  • Inside Up Games: EARTH– Hilton J.
  • FLUSTER Complete Combo Pack – Andre F.
  • Firefly: The Game – Matt M.


This event wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity and helpfulness of our sponsors – be sure to check them out and give them your support!

Local Gaming Community
Orchard City Games (West Kelowna) •
Our fantastic host for the event!

Twice The Dice Board Game Cafe (Kelowna) •
Dragon Cards & Games (Kelowna) •
Meeples & Milkshakes Board Game Cafe (Penticton) •
Arcadia VR Lounge (Kelowna) •
Quantum Games (Kelowna) •

Other Great Local Businesses
Coast Capri Hotel
Kettle River Brewing
Rustic Reel Brewery
Urban Distillery
Connect Hearing
Nature’s Fare

Fantastic Local and Canadian Game Companies
Outset Media (BC) •
Makers of hundreds of smaller titles with lots of great family and educational games, plus modern favourites like 5-Minute Mystery, 5-Minute Dungeon, and more – with a fantastic goal of keeping 80% of their manufacturing in North America!

Inside Up Games (ON) •
Makers of EARTH, a game that has been in the BGG Hotness Top 10 for most of 2023, and several other great games.

Roxley Games (AB) •
Makers of Steampunk Rally, Santorini, and lots more!

Adventure Dice (BC) •
BC-based team hand-making dice and other great accessories!

OOMM Games & Open Owl Studios (Kelowna, BC) •
Makers of Stars of Akarios, Last One Standing, and more great games

High Roller Games (Kelowna, BC) •
Makers of an entire series of great, official Trailer Park Boys games, Letterkenny-opoly, and more!

Bravely Told Games (BC) •
Makers of Cult Following: The One True Game

Cloudfall Studios (ON) •
Makers of Captain’s Gambit: Kings of Infinite Space

Makers of FLUSTER The Game, a unique social event for your friend group

More Great Game Publishers
Leder Games
Makers of Ahoy, Fort, Root, and many more great games!

Unstable Games
Makers of Unstable Unicorns, Here to Slay, the Tic Tac K.O. series, and lots more fun and super cute games!

Cards Against Humanity
Probably needs NO introduction, and donated a great family-friendly bundle for this for-the-kids event!

Exploding Kittens
Also probably needs no introduction. Makers of Exploding Kittens, the Throw Throw series, and lots more!

Brotherwise Games
Makers of the Boss Monster series, Night of the Ninja, and more!

The Broken Token
Laser-cut wood game inserts, game accessories, and more

The Old Timey Typist (Kelowna, BC) •
One of the event organizers – creator of unique typewritten content using meticulously restored classic typewriters, old fashioned wax seals for your special letters, retro up-cycled content like vinyl record bookends and wine shelves, and more to come!

VALDUS Game Accessories (Kelowna, BC) •
Another event organizer – creator of 100% original and unique board game accessories and organizers with a focus on functionality. A small but slowly growing catalog, with dozens of items to be added over the summer.

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